Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015, the year of the Ford homestead acquisition

I believe 2015 will be marked in the history of the Ford family as the point in time where we doubled down on our commitment to Indianapolis. We made a strategic move with the purchase of a  house up the street. Moving five houses up to this property will enable us to dabble with that we just couldn't experiment with in the old house. We will watch this city grow from this new house and from here, will play our part to make it a great place.

We found this house on a different corner of the same block on which we are currently living, so we are really setting ourselves up to be the old-school family living on this particular block for decades. We do love the old house and had many, many good time there. We lived there for 12 years and saw three children born there. The memories and connection to the old house is undeniable.

The house that we've just moved into, as of 12/31, has more bedrooms, more entertaining space, and a much larger backyard. Living in this house allows us to continue living in the city and in the south east corner of Meridian-Kessler while respecting the fact that we have three children who need to get out and have some space to play. As a farmboy I can appreciate having a little bit extra breathing room, but I am essentially a city slicker now so this house in this property or a good compromise.

Later this month, I'll be posting on the rehab work on this old house we facilitated. Wow, how things changed between us closing and move in. It's exciting!

TL;DR -- The thirty thousand foot view  story of 2015 is that we bought an old house on a big lot that we'll be using as our vantage point to experience Indianapolis for the next couple of decades.

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