Saturday, January 9, 2016

Communal Circles in 2015

Friday's Think Kit prompts, "What new circles have you formed?.... Explore your kumbaya moment from 2015."

This past year, there was a social circle of mine that evolved into something lasting and memorable - Park Ave Neighbor Night.  It's turned into a real kumbaya experience that's enabled me to meet some really great people.  I can't take credit for neighbor night.  It's the idea and initial dedication by our neighbors the Moseys. As with most ideas, it takes some dedication to build momentum and I'm thankful for them as what we have now is pretty great.

On nearly a weekly basis this past year, four families on our block of Park Ave. would simply meet at someone's house for dinner on a weeknight for dinner and drinks, nothing more, nothing less.  We'll all pitch in and contribute to the cause.  We've got some talented cooks in the group, so what we eat is really delicious.  More so, we've got conversation and camaraderie.  

It's been really great. It's a multigenerational circle as our kids are friends get shuffled to one side of the yard or to the play room. I have a tendency to be hermit at home and not find the energy to be a good neighbor.  So, I'm really thankful for this group of people and our hyper local communal circle. Layer in the strong little pocket community of restaurants and commerce present in the mid-town area (49th-54th and College Ave.) and what we have is a vibrant, local community.  I love my hood and have neighbor night, in large part, to thank for it.

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