Thursday, February 24, 2011

pure hearts in ugly times

This week has been ugly. I am thankful that when reality becomes too sick to understand, I can look to the pure hearts around me to bring me back into the light. In a few short days a family business built around the hardest working man out there has been fractured. Wait, no. It’s been shattered, demolished, blown to bits by the landmine that is corporate America. So dramatic. Well, it feels dramatic. Yes, I get it. We need corporations. I have heard the story. However, watching grown men cry because the man that has been lovingly leading them for years is ripped out of his office and escorted from the building he owns makes me want to question the need for giant corporations.

That man was my leader too. He was my best friend’s dad in elementary school, my softball coach, and the best boss that I can imagine. I was so lucky to come to work every morning and be greeted by his smile and positivity. His heart could lead a room. His heart led us all. Now he’s been taken from our tribe. We wander from task to task wondering how we got here. The corporate cockroaches have swarmed our building, but those of us that belong here give each other knowing glances. They don’t know what he has in store for them. He will beat this.

So in this ugly week I am thankful. I am thankful to have had a compassionate leader, thankful to have worked with good people, and thankful that we will all make it through this dark time. Heart still matters. It just has to fight a little harder to win.

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