Thursday, March 24, 2011

Urban Chickens

The first lesson learned with the backyard chicken experiment - you can't stop my wife. Not even when she's 8 months pregnant. She built the frame for the run while I was at work the other day and I must say, she's done a fine job. A coat of paint and some chicken wire and we are good to go. Between the wife and her 88 year old Grandpa (he built the coop), I can say that Orisichs make the best urban chicken accommodations.

The inhabitants of these new accommodations will likely be at the house in a week or so. We've researched breeds and have decided on a blend of mutt. We will have a mix of breeds that ought to be docile and don't mind confinement.

for better or worse, these mutt hens will be chicks we get from someone south of Indy. I didn't want to really get into raising chicks, but our chosen chicken dealer (thank you Craig's List) is only dealing in chicks. We've got an old brooder house (my great grandfather's!) so we've got the equipment. So, our daughter gets chicks for Easter. Why not, right?

We're planning on 3 hens. We don't think our roost can handle many more. The surprising thing I have learned is how little square footage a chicken needs. Our run measures 6'x3', so our birds will be living in luxury.

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