Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who would have thought putting a post in the ground could be so rewarding?

Progress! I was coming off of a 24 hour full body flu with a vengeance but was able to get pole number 1 in the ground.

In high Speedcat winds on Saturday and a great Sunday, I:
  • walked off and marked my spot
  • tracked down a trailer (thanks UB and Paul-baby!)
  • picked up a half dozen 16' 4x4s from the lumberyard
  • sucked water out of the 3 foot hole I dug early Saturday
  • and learned a few things from my wife (the natural) and my dad (the experienced) < - that's not sarcasm.
All in all, a successful weekend.

Next up, 5 more posts and then finalizing how I'm going to prep the soil. I'll also collect my soil sample. Dad is estimating a pH level of 6. I believe I need somewhere between 6.5 and 7 (but I'll have to confirm that).

My rhizomes ought to be in my possession by the first week of April or so. We'll likely wait till Mothers' Day-ish to plant to ensure we're past the last frost.

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