Monday, April 16, 2012

How Do You Eat 12 Pounds of Sauerkraut?

...One cookout at a time.  Earlier this year, I posted on our sauerkraut experiment.  I'm sure you were pulling your hair out, anticipating some resolution.  Rest assured, here is your update - success! There was some initial skepticism, but the kraut really mellowed out as it continued to ferment.   As mentioned in the first post, I don't fancy myself a sauerkraut eater.  However, I do see the health benefits in the fermented food.  And if we were really on our own, their would likely be a lot of fermented cabbage in our pantry as it keeps for a long time and it's easy to grow.  So, my pragmatic brain has evidently wooed my skeptical pallet.  Here's the recipe Allison referenced:

12 lbs. green cabbage
3 sour apples
2 medium onions
4ish bay leaves
1/4 tsp caraways seeds
a half dozen juniper berries
some sea salt

I'll pile it on a bratwurst (Goose the Market or Kincaids' if you will) and wash it down with a pale ale or lager.  I think it has a rather mild taste with just a little bite at the end due in part, I think, to the sour apples.  It's not really at all overpowering.  Oh, and did I mention we have twelve pounds of it?  So, you only have to make a passing mention about it the next time you see us and we'll send you home with a fermented cabbage.


  1. Jon, Would love to chat with you about your Dec post on Shatto's chicken hatchery. Guy Shatto was my g-grandfather. My sister happened on your blog by accident and we were floored to see that such an item with Guys's name and business on it was out there! Love your blog!

    1. Glad to see you enjoy the blog. I'd be happy to chat more. Here's my email jonwillford gmail com. (have to avoid those spammers when you post your email on a blog comment!). I look forward to hearing from you.