Thursday, December 20, 2012

ThinkKit D20: The Person Who's Made A Difference This Year

Think Kit: THINKIt might be cheesy and sappy to say this, but my wife is the person who's made the most difference in my life this year.  She is my best friend, a wonderful mother, artist ( and all around stellar individual.  She's made a difference in my life by encouraging me to practice what it is she observes brings me joy and satisfaction.

She's actively encouraged me to keep writing.  More so this year, than any year prior to.  She admits she doesn't have much more specificity than that.  But she knows that this is what I like to do and that, so long as I continue writing and sharing, something will happen.  My ideas, projects, and community achievements will be polished and come to fruition through my writing.   Her advice is kind of annoying in its vagueness and simplicity, but I will comply because I honestly know no other way.  I know this because of her advice and support.

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