Friday, December 28, 2012

ThinkKit D27: thinking about that one day this past summer...

I'm a little leery about today's challenge to pick one, just one, event and write about it. I attended three wonderful weddings, each with memorable people, each in memorable locations. It could be just about any time I get to spend up north at lake Tippecanoe.  But I just really appreciate that summer day my dad, wife, my oldest daughter and I emerged from the corn fields to watch the Reds triumph over the Pirates in Cincinnati.

I love the drive from Dunkirk to Cincy. There's not a lot of interstate travel, but the trip progresses at a nice clip. we wind through eastern Indiana and western Ohio countryside.  Cincinnati is a city that oddly, feels familiar to me despite the few times I've been there. Only recently did Chicago surpass it  as my most frequented Midwestern city outside of Indiana.

The game itself was, of course, a lot of fun.  We got to see some Chapmania close it out in the 9th. Great America Ballpark is really nice, but I'm biased since I'm a Reds fan.  We had great seats along the first base line.  My daughter was completely mesmerized by all of it.  I bought her a hat and she'll still where it today.

Leaving, we took a gamble on a sneaky exit and ended up working our way along close to the river, windows rolled down.  It was a quiete little escape back into the country.  This was a great day and I hope that we get back into the habit of getting to more games this year.  In previous years, we would get to a Reds-Pirates series, sometimes even in Pittsburgh.  I think, based on the success of this day, we'll be getting back into the habit.

It was like leaving the Field of Dreams.  It was very apropo
I was really happy to see her engaged through the 9th

Wearing our Reds hats

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