Monday, December 10, 2012

ThinkKit D10: Start a Tradition

Think Kit: BEToday's ThinkKit prompt asks us to consider a tradition we wanted to start.  I believe that a tradition, at it's minimum, has to occur twice.  So if I want to start a tradition next year, I have to think about something noteworthy I did this year.  It just so happened that this past weekend, a new tradition was clearly presented to me.

Whenever the Christmas lights are strung from monument circle, I try to point it out to the girls.  Even if it's a second or two as we cross an intersection.  While calling this out to my oldest, a 4 and half year old, she responded by saying that that was the castle I took her to on her fourth birthday (earlier this year), right before we went to the comic book store (Downtown Comics). Say no more, tradition born.

I had never been to the top of the tower.  And we decided go on a whim and it was worth it. So, every April 14th from here till whenever, I'll take my daughter to the top of the monument circle, then to the comic book store (with a pit stop at the City Market for some Natural Born Juicers).  Hey, if it's going to be a tradition, it might as well be the true trifecta of events that it was.  This will be a great way to spend a birthday.            

The Capitol building to the West

Lucas Oil to the south west

Conseco Fieldhouse to the south east

Looking due south, standing at the entrance to the museum

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