Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update - My Visualize Indy Project

As a few of you might recall, earlier this year I won a small community grant from Smallbox Webdesign and Angie's List.  Christened the Visualize Indy project, the goal is to produce a series of infographics depicting various aspects of Indianapolis.   Things are progressing well.  I've got two infographics in a final draft state and are pretty much ready for publication.  The first visually describes result of the previous ten years of Fountain Square neighborhood development.  The second elaborates on SNAP (i.e. food stamps) and farmers' markets, with an emphasis on Hoosier farmers' markets.  My graphic designer is actively working on the third infographic depicting Indianapolis and its waterways.

My plan is to get all four complete and then release them in quick succession on a branded Visualize Indy website.  I'm aiming to release them sometime in the fourth quarter.  I'm working with a University of Indianapolis graphic design undergrad getting ready to begin her senior year.  I like what we've worked on together and am looking forward to showing them to you.  I leave you with a preview of the SNAP/Hoosier Farmers' market infographic.  It's still in a final draft because I spy a missing apostrophe.

You can view a full size image here.

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