Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec. 30th Think Kit - Knowledge Is Power in the Fitness Game: All Hail the FitBit!

A shot of my dashboard
I need to exercise more.  I've mentioned this in earlier posts.  Almost three years ago, I made a conscious effort to exercise more and for a long stretch of time, I was in the best shape of my life. However I have a hard time finding a long term, permanent rhythm.  I'll exercise regularly in spurts. For eight months, I'll exercise three to four days a week.  Then, I'll fall out of my routine and that sedentary inertia sits in.  So, I'm looking for a different perspective to take a fresh first step toward a constant emphasis on fitness.
Knowledge alters my behavior.  It's not a universal rule that we all live by, but it applies to me.  I look at nutrition labels at the grocery store, calorie counts on menus, and so forth. For awhile I kept a food journal.  All this information influences my decisions, however actively tracking exercise is kind of challenging. So, I was therefore excited to get my FitBit for Christmas.

My FitBit is a super cool little gadget that tracks my calories, steps taken, active minutes, and my sleep patterns.  Yes, I'm a tech geek and am enamored with it as it synchs wirelessly to my computer.  I can track my progress not only on my wrist but in greater detail on a dashboard accessible on my phone or on my computer.  Yes, the hard part is staying on track diet wise and calories exerted.  However, with my new fitness gadget I'll be able to track my behavior and adjust accordingly.  I can, for example, see that I'm not burning enough calories in a day or am not getting enough sleep.  This is a new step toward a goal that I've worked toward for years.

This post is in response to Think Kit blog prompt,  "What's one step you can take to support a goal you have for 2014?" 

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