Thursday, February 6, 2014

Visualize Indy - Fountain Square Infographic

Indy's Fountain Square is pretty great.  From the eateries, to the bars, to its art scene, this neighborhood just south east of downtown has got some cool things going on.  I think the recent leg of the cultural trail has created an appealing corridor of restaurants and residential development connecting it to downtown.  As a result, the neighborhood is more connected to the other areas of the city we find really appealing while maintaining its identity. For years now, Fountain Square has been a place where the Fords are likely to spend an evening.  When out of town friends and acquaintances need recommendations, Fountain Square is on my short list.

I chose to create this infographic because I have a soft spot for city planning.  While I'm not an Indy native, I have heard plenty of stories about what Fountain Square was like twenty years ago.  To compare those stories to what we've got now in this neighborhood is pretty impactful.  As I collaborated with some folks from LISC on this infographic, I discovered that this neighborhood's development was not happenstance.  Like most success, it was the result of careful planning with dedicated and passionate people working hard to make things happen. cheers to that.

Click here to view, download, and share the infographic


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