Thursday, November 5, 2015

day 2 and we've already put a dozen holes in the walls

Ok, so we bought a new 100 year old home. The second such 100 year old home we currently own, on the same block (let me know if you know anyone wants to be our neighbor on a great street - seriously).

There are a number of different, more daring differences between our old home  and this new home. Where our old home was a finished embodiment of vintage and modern residential real estate glory, this new home hasn't seen an update in 30 years. It's got beautiful bones but needs a skin graft and a couple of organ transplants.

So, we thought to use Fridays With  The Fords to chronicle our adventures and misfortunes making this new house ours. 

Episode 1 --- the wiring

One, not so uncommon scenario in our neighborhood, is the 100 year old wiring that comes with the 100 year old house.

It's unsettling that we get such a variety of answers from electricians as to the safety and reliability of knob and tube wiring. We're biting the bullet and rewiring the the whole house, knowing it would easier to address this while it's still empty and adopting the layman's perspective that it's weird to envision wiring from that day and age powering life in the 21st century. No offense to my people who made the decision to let sleeping dogs lie and not address knob and tube in their home - I get why you may have don this. This is a pricey affair but worth it if you can swing it.

Take a look at what the electricians are replacing.

Exhibits A and B

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