Saturday, December 25, 2010

Randumb thoughts on this "un-godly" hour on Christmas

Devil's Hour! I don't know if it is a real thing to anyone but me. 4am! On my alarm clock 4 looks like a pitchfork or devil's horns, so I call it the devil's hour. Plus, you know how your parents always said shit like "nothing good can happen after midnight" as are reason for having a curfew? Bull! There are plenty of awesome things I've gotten into after midnight (i.e. going swimming with this perfect stranger I just met who years later decided to have me as her adoring husband, bonding with "the Fords" in Wroclaw, etc.). Parents are liars! Santa is another good example of parents being liars. Santa is an anagram for "Satan" anyway...oh yes, back to devil's hour. I do agree with those liars about one thing, though, but I will just alter it slightly. Nothing good can happen during the 4 o'clock hour (a.m. of course). It's too late to be doing anything good if you stay up that late and it sucks extra hard if you wake up early enough to live through it. I don't know where this is going...
In an hour like this,  "Christ"mas isn't feeling very "godly". Merry Xmas!

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