Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why you should become a digital nomad and embrace Google+

You'll be promoting innovation
Use the free market to your advantage. There is something to the notion that competition drives innovation. Google+ introduces some cool features to manage message filtering that Facebook lacks. Google+ also introduces video chat integration. It's no coincidence that you see this new partnership between Facebook and Skype. Send a message to Google, Facebook, and the next big thing that they need to keep providing cool features or else we'll leave you.

You'll keep the digital world's personal info keepers in check
Just as Facebook perfects its process around assembling the perfect online profile of you, the good little web consumer, you move on to Google. You move on to Google+ and your Facebook marketing profile becomes stale and outdated with each day you've abandoned Facebook. Now I know Google has its own process of profile compilation and targeted advertising near perfection, but they don't yet have the profile of stories posted, comments and status updates, likes, and so forth all neatly packaged together like Facebook. Why should you care? If it doesn't bother you that some entity has a very detailed profile of who you are in order to sell you things (or worse, release to a government agency) then ignore this reason and stick to the idea of competition leading innovation.

You'll help create a precedent for large scale social network migration
This third reason is connected to both ideas presented above. We can fully realize the points above if, overnight, you and everyone around you turn Facebook into a social ghost town in favor of Google+ and you do it en masse. Future social network providers will realize how precarious their position is as service provider and might be more careful with how they manage our personal information, the rate at which they provide new features, etc.

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