Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Drink More Lawn Clippings

In this form, only give to your sworn enemy
If you're like me, you drink too much coffee and you are vitamin deficient.  You feel like the thirty two plus ounces of coffee you drink every.single.day is wearing you out.  You might eat well but today's produce and food don't really provide the nutrients they had in the past, whether that be from the genetically oversized food many of us eat or the demand to quickly get crops form field to plate.  Well if you live outside the city and the 'burbs, the answer is probably not far away.  Why not kick it old school and try some natural sources for your vitamins and minerals, the wife suggests. Sounds good to me.  Besides, if there's a zombie apocalypse, how am I going to get my vitamin A and my calcium?    The answer is grass clippings!

This suggested tonic is a hot blend of nettles, red clover, and red raspberry.  The clover and raspberry are often recommended for pregnant women.  I'm doing some gender co-opting with these herbs, I suppose.  Maybe I'll name my tonic the Lawnmower Man.  How patriarchal of me. Anyway, here are some details: 

Nettles | Drinking a hot nettle tea helps keep that urinary tract and kidneys working properly.  Nettles also naturally provide vitamins A, C, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium.  Nettles also strengthen adrenal, urinary, lung and kidney function as well as purifying, building and nourishing blood.

Red Clover | Red clover, another plant in my morning cocktail, also has numerous health benefits.  Along with helping pregnancy, osteoporosis, and arthritis, it naturally (again) provides nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C.

Red Raspberry | This herb packs in more vitamin C and A.  It's another herb to aide in things I'll never really experience like pregnancy and osteoporosis,  red raspberry leaves do alleviate with cold and flu symptoms.  Of the three ingredients in my tonic, I'm most likely to find a substitute for red raspberry.  

What does this taste like?  It's not bad really.  I follow Mary Poppins advice and drop a spoonful of sugar in my hot blend and I'm on my way to replacing the gallons of coffee I drink in the morning.  hopefully.

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