Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No One Cares About Your Crappy Taste In Music - Or, My Favorite Albums From 2011

Expand Your Mind With Mastodon
Behold, my schizophrenic MTV-when-they-played-videos influenced list of my favorite 2011 releases (in no particular order):

Mastodon - The Hunter | Or, the one where Mastodon writes 'approachable' songs.  Actually, this album leaves me with the feeling I get when I read some old school Lovecraft and I love it.  With all that this band has done for us, why not let them explore the sweet side of metal anthems?

Hank 3 - Hillbilly Joker, Ghost to a Ghost | What a year for this reefer loving country freak.  3 albums of completely different, completely bonkers music that is fantastic when it works and somewhat painful to listen to when it doesn't.  Hillbilly Joker and Ghost to Ghost are my favorites albums from this banner year for 3. 

KMFDM - WTF? | As weird as it sounds, I can honestly say that I found this band while still in pre-Internet high school, surrounded by corn fields and have since realized that KMFDM is a drug against war.  This 2011 release felt like classic KMFDM but with slightly more female vocals and plenty of fast paced, riff heavy jams.

Toxic Holocaust - Conjure and Command | My love of thrash does not extend much past the Bay area, circa the 80s-90s save for this metal trio that never disappoints.

F*cked Up - David Comes to Life | I'm a relative late comer to the band F*cked Up.  Nonetheless, the unique song structures and catchy jams mixed with interesting metered hardcore vocals makes for a unique listening experience.  Behind Mastodon's, "The Hunter", this is my favorite release of the year.

Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride | Another new band for me.  Interesting song structures and vocals that sound like that guy from Rise Against.  Good stuff.

Cobra Skull - Agitations | I picked up on the Cobras a few years ago and love their frenetic, uplifting sound.  Their politics often align with me which helps me get through the day sometimes (except for one too many references to Gaia, to be honest).

Old Man Markley - Guts 'n Teeth | Whenever I'm in an Earl Scruggs-y kind of bluegrass mood, Old Man Markley usually make their way into the playlist.  "punk sensibilities" + bluegrass = sweet music to my ears.

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Peyton on Patton | I don't really know anything about Charlie Patton, but the Rev makes him sound oh so smooth.  Give it up for your hometown Hoosiers. 

2012 most anticipated releases:

Soundgarden | Kim and Chris get the band back together and it's been, what, over 15 years since we've heard anything out of the studio from these grunge gods? I believe rock and roll achieved perfection somewhere in the late 80s to early 90s.  So, why wouldn't I be anticipating it!?

Lamb of God | In my opinion, Lamb of God is this generation's Metallica.  Because a couple of their previous albums have not measured up to the seminal, "Ashes of the Wake",  I am putting a lot of stock into 2012's "Resolution".  If not, their Metallica-like status in my head might begin to tarnish. 

Menzingers | I love punk for the sing along choruses and speed in which they are delivered.  The Menzingers do just that.  They are the best thing to come out of Scranton, PA since Joe Biden and Michael Scott.

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