Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Presidens' Day Chicken Territory Treaty

The final product is clean and appealing
President's Day 2012 marks the day the Fords and their chickens drew new borders in the backyard territory.

What's at stake is a backyard lawn that's in high demand. As a compromise, the Fords have erected an additional 7 X 15 foot run out of plastic chicken mesh, a few steel fence posts, and some zip strips.  The result is a segmented area of the yard that will be open to the chickens all day.  Jon, head chicken whisperer, stated that it still seems prudent to shut the doors to the inner run nightly, in the event a pack of coyotes makes it south of Broad Ripple.

The Fords welcomed the re-redistricting.  Seen rightfully as their land, they have not ever been able to freely walk barefoot since buying the house in 2004.  According to the Fords, these new arrangements give the chickens a sizable run to peck and cluck while the Fords have a backyard for barefoot summer play.  Allison, an official spokesperson for the Ford family, stated that the new extended run gives the three chicken population more than enough room per square foot as dictated by back yard chicken best practices.

Relations between the two parties have chilled
but are expected to rebound
Reactions from the chickens were mixed.  Adventure Chicken,  the most outgoing of the poultry population declared, "cluuuuuck cluck cluck," adding that it was viewed by most in the coop as a land grab.  Regardless most involved agreed that due to their extremely small and limited brains, the chickens will forget they ever stepped outside the bounds of their new arrangements.  Ford officials, however, will continue to monitor the actions on the ground to determine if the backyard poultry population is mounting an insurrection.

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