Saturday, December 22, 2012

ThinkKit D22: A Mind Map For A Potential 2013 Project

Think Kit: MAKEToday's topic is to mind map a project we want to tackle in the coming year.  I love infographics (but I don't like USA Today, go figure). My project is simple.  I want to commission graphic artists (hopefully those with relevant experience) in the city to create infographics that visualize various aspects of this wonderful burg.  I would approach various groups, organizations, and non-profits in the city that could provide data and thought leadership on various facets and subcultures that make Indianapolis what it is.  

We would create these artifacts with the sole purpose of gifting them back to the community.  The organization would have free reign to use them as they would be openly licensed using Creative Commons.  I would stand up a website solely dedicated to these infographics so as to ensure their availability to the community.  

It's a project with little overhead and worthwhile return.  My mind map below outlines some of the subjects and sources that could be included in this project.  Probably my biggest unknown is building a pipeline of graphic artists.  It's certainly not insurmountable as I've got a few contacts in the art community that I think could provide some contacts.  If you're interested in this, have questions or insight, feel free to contact me at jonwillford <at> gmail <dot> com or on twitter @hoosierjonford. 

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