Sunday, December 23, 2012

Think kit d23 - argh! Take 2 on a 2012 memorable movie

So I'm at my parents, the Internet is down, and the post I just tapped out on my phone just got wiped out by a glitch in the blogger app on my phone. It's 11:15 at night and I don't have the heart to try and recreate what has been lost. Oh well.

Today I'm taking a lifeline and talking about a movie that's been a memorable one for me in 2013. I'm going with the Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. That movie is a trip.

It's a tragically comical movie that's really entertaining. It's enlightening from a class perspective. The substance abuse , violence, and general disregard for society is puzzling and surreal at first. But after you digest the Whites, you start to see what fuels this crazy. It's part socio-economics (it's coal mining country), part federal entitlement abuse (none of them appear to have jobs but have money for drugs, a home, and decent vehicles to drive) all with a touch of Hollywood arrogance.

Check it out, it's worth your time.

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