Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visualize Indy - Request For Proposal

Calling all Indianapolis graphic artists and infographic wizards.  Let's celebrate this city and some of the things that make it great.  Join my Nice grant funded infograpic project.    If you're interested and capable, respond to my RFP here:

Visualize Indy RFP

I want to emphasize that this is a community based project which means no one but you, the graphic artist, receive direct monetary gain.  I only have a $1000 and want to try and produce as many infographics as possible.  So taking this into consideration when drafting your proposal will help ensure you and I and can maximize our contribution to the community.

Additionally, the participating artist(s) get:
  • Exposure via Smallbox Web Design's PR Nice grants campaign
  • Potential exposure at a public event (Sorry, I must stay vague on this for now)
  • The satisfaction around promoting the great things about this great city!

What more could you want?


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