Friday, September 27, 2013

The Confusing, Liberating Sense of Right Now

I'm still amazed at the power of right now.  It's taken a lot of practice to truly understand what this means and I admit, I have a ways to go. For me, it required creating a new habit.  I'm usually stuck in the past.  So when I got into the habit of consciously living in it as much as I can, it often brought near overwhelming experiences.

When done correctly, it's a hard mix of pain and serenity.  It's challenging sometimes when I realize I'm experiencing the first page of a new chapter, or the last page of another.  Sometimes it's upsetting when the future I'm able to experience in the now extends beyond the mortal coil. But when it washes over you, it feels like your in the world, yet above it. 

Only now can you experience yesterday and tomorrow.  This is perhaps what I like best about living in the moment.  It's as close to feeling immortality as my five limited senses can comprehend.  I don't mean to contradict the wealth of information and literature on what it means to live in the moment, but for me living in the present enables me to exist yesterday and tomorrow.  And I don't think this should conflict with your notion of the afterlife.

I like to contemplate the concept that time is not linear.  That yesterday, tomorrow, and now all occur at once.  I'm a sci-fi junkie, comic book nerd, and arm chair philosopher so this sort of stuff is my sweet spot.  This idea becomes even more real for me when I read articles like this, this, and this.  I'm not even going to try and fake that I fully understand half of what's being described in the world of quantum physics, but I've challenged myself and understand the premise.  Right now, I can be aware of everything around me, revel in the nostalgia, and contemplate the future. We'll all live forever because we always have.

exactly. I think.

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