Monday, October 14, 2013

The Indy Inside Out Project is a Go!

One of the many portraits to be displayed
Allison and I joined forces with some really cool and dynamic people earlier this summer to help organize the Indy Inside Out Project. While we didn't make it past the finalist round of this past summer's 5X5 grant extravaganza, the group persevered to make the installation a success - primarily due to the dedication of one Katie Basbagill.  Here's a press release I wrote that'll give you some more details:

International Art Project Comes to Indianapolis  
Indianapolis, IN, 10/14/2013 — The Indianapolis installment of the Inside Out project will be publicly displayed from November 1st through the end of the month.  The project showcases the city’s public transit bus drivers in an effort to show appreciation for their resolve and dedication to ensuring viable public transportation.  The Indy Inside Out project also seeks to support the growing central Indiana public transportation conversation by means of a unique voice.  Additionally, this is a local installment of an international art project.  It will showcase the city on an international scale as it will be included on the project’s parent website (  Installations have been displayed in Korea, Pakistan, Rio De Janeiro, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and now Indianapolis. This project is solely the result of an idea and the hard work of local artists and community activists.

The installation consists of over two dozen 24”X36” black and white portraits of Indianapolis public transit bus drivers that will be posted publicly as a collection.  The photos will be posted on the Meridian street side of the Central Library and will be visible from the street.  Big Car will also be displaying a another copy of the installation as will R-Bistro on 888 Mass Ave.  All versions of the installation will open for the November First Friday (11/1) and will be displayed throughout the month of November.     

To see a sample of the photos to be displayed at the Central Library as well as Big Car, visit the project’s Facebook page - For examples of other project installations throughout the world, see the official project website -


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