Thursday, December 12, 2013

Think Kit Dec. 12th | The Pica Beats + WITT 91.9 + Jon = Synergy!

I became a Pica Beats fan this year in probably the most indie way possible.  My discovery could be a case study in cross-channel indie music synergy.  See what I did there with my Jack Doneghy corporate buzzwords slash indie music mash-up?  Yeah, it kind of makes my stomach churn too.

Anyway, I was listening to the greatest radio station in Indianapolis, the WITT 91.9 one afternoon when the embedded song below came on the air and, boy was I hooked.  I had to have more.  I found the album on Bandcamp and proceeded to give them my monies so I could have the whole album. Along with my payment, I included an optional message delivered to the artist that talked about how this song was exactly what I needed, when I first heard it.  A few days later, I got an email from Ryan Barrett, the creative core of the Pica Beats.  He thanked me for the kind note and asked what radio station I heard his work on as he was always looking for the right avenues that would support his music.  I gladly told him about WITT.  I felt like I was winning by closing this loop between independent artist and independent music radio station.  You see?  cross-channel independent music synergy (shudder).

Sadly, I learned that the Pica Beats have been retired in lieu of the artists newest project, Fen Wik Ren. Thankfully and apparently by design, this is a familiar iteration of the Pica Beats.

Regarding the actual song and related album, I like the blended haunted, yet warm sound. It's a happy album and has a bit of an island guitar feel delivered through an indie rock lens.  I hate using the term indie rock to try and describe a sound, but I'm limited in my ability to describe said sound.  The background and supporting vocals accentuate the lead vocal tracks.  It's a clean sound that fits a lot of moods and times of day, which are to me very important criteria.  Regardless, the album has four or five solid tracks which makes the whole album a success.

So, with this Think Kit lifeline I urge you to go to his Bandcamp page and pick up this gem of an album, "Better in Color."


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