Friday, December 13, 2013

Think Kit Dec. 13th - That Time I Took a Luchador Mask to a Family Wedding

Father of the bride and a bunch of his nephews

Today, Think Kit asks about that one time we laughed out loud.  The best part about this prompt is that I have most of it documented and am providing you a sample below. While technically not in 2013, this infamous event did occur in the last 12 months of this post, give or take a week.  The premise is simple, my wife finds a luchador mask at a garage sale the morning of a family wedding.  I do the only respectable thing I can think of - I take it to the wedding reception and try to get as many people in my family to wear it.  Now while I'm known for being a relatively easy sell when you want a laugh, I can't begin to tell you how hard I laughed and for how long. It.hurt.  Imagine a low key wedding reception at an Elks club in east central Indiana and an idiot with wrestling mask intent on making everyone he can wear it.  It's comedic genius, at least it was through my laughter teared eyes.  I've got so many different pictures of this, but my inner editor tells me keep this collection lean.  So, here's but a mere taste of the night that I laughed for probably seven hours straight:

The warm up in the car before its public debut
My grandma was the first victim.  I can't see a thing from all the tears

Yeah, that's my grandma opening the flood gates.  I couldn't speak I was laughing so much.

I had to calm it down with the pro-wrestler-in-a-previous-life cousin

My lovely wife


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