Saturday, December 14, 2013

Think Kit Dec 14th - Here's some advice - spend more time on you and less on them

I don't know that anyone necessarily told this to me this year.  It was just something that I picked up awhile back and it surfaced in my consciousness when needed.    As was mentioned in an earlier blog post, 2013 found me transitioning to a new job.  It was a welcome change as in surprisingly short order, I found myself disconnected from the organization.  It was frustrating, especially after over seven years of a mutually beneficial relationship I enjoyed with my company.  I won't elaborate further, but let's just say this advice resonated with me:
Living well is the best revenge.
It's a quote from a fellow by the name of George Herbert and it has utility in many aspects of my life. Yes, adopting a mantra that's based on revenge isn't necessarily healthy. However what's important is the emphasis on the self.  In lieu of how I'm going to retaliate and what not, I ought to be focusing on myself by contemplating who I am and making myself a better person.  By doing so, I fixate less on people and situations with which I have less control and more own my own attitude and well being.

I believe this to be good advice for people from all walks of life, from angry youth who're potential high school drop outs to the deeply religious to a mid-thirties to a middle class technology professional (me).  We're all a little deficient in some aspects of our character or life that can be rectified with a little self-reflection.  If we spend less time thinking about others and more on making sure our own houses are in order, maybe success will be ours.

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