Thursday, December 19, 2013

Think Kit Dec. 19th - With No Limits, I Apparently Become the Speedcat Baron

Today's ThinkKit prompt:
No Limits
If money, time or other commitments were no obstacle in 2014, what would you do? Describe your vision!

No worries about logistics?  No worries about money?  No problem.  I would jump headfirst into rural America city building.  I would buy downtown Dunkirk.  My full time focus would be preserving and growing my hometown.  I would buy property and surround myself with top notch city and rural planners and I would celebrate the legacy of that small town by building its future.  Obviously I'm emotionally tied to my hometown.   That's the point.  I would buy places like the Glass Museum, the property around this Main Street intersection, the Opera houseStewart Brothers, the old Fire House, and other buildings that are not occupied and have fallen into disrepair.

This no limits project is a great intersection of past and future.  Like many small towns, there is so much rich history to this small town that is meaningful to so many people.  My project would keep this nostalgia alive by ensuring it would be a thriving little unique community in the future.  I'm not looking to build a totalitarian community draped in false utopia.  I want to just provide a restriction free, financial foundation to preserve and grow a tiny, rural town into the 21st century.  Maybe it's a community trust that dishes out money and strategic leadership operating off of a charter that seeks to meet my lofty, community oriented goals.  I know I'm looking through the world with rose colored glasses at times, but that's where the vision is nurtured.

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