Friday, December 20, 2013

Think Kit Dec. 20th - My 2013 Top Ten Indianapolis Restaurant / Dining Experiences

Revolucion in Fountain Square - now with bonus
Tiki bar in the rear.
I'm a pretty non-judgmental restaurant diner.  While my list of top ten Indianapolis restaurant dining experiences is filled with foodie level establishments, I'm known for eating White Castle, truck stop 'food', and damn near everything at the State Fair.  So for those of you that feel this is a privileged, food elitist's top ten list, yes you're right but know that my life isn't always pricey farm-to-table grub or food served on comically small plates.  Well, enough with the identity crisis, let's bring on the list. 

  1. Bluebeard | It's a random assortment of dishes and I'm not joking when I say that there hasn't been a single tiny plate that I haven't licked clean.
  2. Black Market | A 'farm to table' styled restaurant.  The starters are pretty good and when I haven't had the daily special, I've eaten the duck and the pork chop - both are excellent.  and have a pickle as a pre-appetizer appetizer.
  3. Bakersfield | I've found that I really like the limited menu restaurants. To me, it means you're focusing on a few items to perfection.  This is a taco and liquor joint and man is it great.  They make their own margaritas from scratch.  I don't exactly know what a 'from scratch' margarita is, but you really can taste the difference.
  4. Cafe Patachou | Our Patachou is on 49th/Penn and we always walk or ride our bikes, which is helpful because I'm a huge fan of their broken yolk sandwiches. I can't speak to their lunch menu as we only dine there for breakfast.
  5. Taste | Another breakfast/brunch joint in the neighborhood.  I've had the truffle egg toast more than any other item on the menu.  Plus, their smoothies are pretty good.
  6. Siam Square | Standard issue Thai cuisine in Fountain Square.  I run up and down the menu and I haven't ever really been let down.
  7. Good Morning Mamas | The only bad part about Good Morning Mamas is that I'm not a huge fan of their coffee. Their Loco Mocos are good. The '1940s' comes with fried spam.  Don't judge it before you've tried it.  Also, their eggs Benedict is top notch.  
  8. India Garden | We eat Indian food like it's going out of style.  Vegetable malai kafta with a side of garlic naan is my go-to dish. 
  9. La Piedad | The most inexpensive, consistently delicious mexican food in the city.  It's low key without a hint of 'pinkies up' while you eat.
  10. La Revolucion | Me and the Rev have a really good relationship together.  I recommend this place to as many people as possible. I take my out of town guests there and it never disappoints.  While technically more a bar than a restaurant, they serve four different tacos and I've only had the beef and the pork varieties.  If you're going out in Fountain Square, get started here.


  1. Jon, I see your list is 30% places that start with the letter "B."

    Along this theme, I want to recommend Broad Ripple Bagel Deli, which has two B's and amazing food amazingly cheap.

    Thanks for writing!