Sunday, December 22, 2013

Think Kit Dec. 21st - What's My TED Talk?

I want to challenge myself this next year to developing a big idea or two. Right, wrong, or indifferent, I'm prone to contemplating and subsequently writing about wide reaching concepts.  This week alone, I've written about collective consciousness and buying a small rural town as a community building exercise.  Maybe I develop one of those ideas into my own TED talk, of sorts.  Hell, I just watched an entertaining TED talk from a pick pocket, so I'm sure I've got one in me.

This mantra would guide me towards a more deeply developed idea.  Much like a thesis or research paper, I would research and contemplate, act and react, write and re-write while developing my 'talk'. Maybe I take one of my existing ideas or projects and continue elaborating to the point where I could talk at length about the idea and its underlying foundation.  I plan to continue my Visualize Indy project into 2014.  Maybe I could fine tune my rationale as to how communities can benefit from data driven dialogue.  Or explore the impact of multiple ideas distilled into summary level data points (i.e. the infographics) and the impact that could have on a community. I could pick up where my Masters thesis left off with and explore the hegemony created by corporations and citizens.  Perhaps, I take one of my half baked ideas off the shelf and clean it up for public consumption.  I have scribbled notes on food systems, our binary culture, and so forth.

While the actual presentation aspect of my mantra is intended as metaphor, I'm not opposed to live presentation.  I actually kind of like public speaking. Hell, a few years ago I even taught it at IUPUI for four or five semesters.  So, look for me later this coming year with a large homemade sign on monument circle ranting and raving about my big idea.

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