Sunday, December 8, 2013

Think Kit Dec. 8th - Top Ten Electronic Tracks to do Computer Work By

Taking a lifeline and am compiling a list of tracks I listen to while at work or typing away late at night on the computer.  I'm not known to be an electronic music expert but I've found the broad genre to be conducive to computer work.  I like the cosmopolitan, future tense subtle feel that's stirred inside.  The tracks (and their related albums) let me focus on my work while subtly pulling me away to a surreal and/or happy place.

I'll go through phases where I sift through this music genre and try to better understand the difference between house, drum and bass, trance, down beat, etc.  I can't say that I can fully differentiate between all of them, but I just know what I like.  I think all of these are EDM (Electronic Dance Music), but again I'm not 100% sure.  So, here's my top ten list of electronic tracks that I work to.  I'm likely a relic in that I still buy full albums, even in the era of online music.  As a result, I can say that I would recommend all of the full albums on which these individual tracks reside.

I've also collected these youtube tracks into a youtube channel.

#1 on the list is Orbital's "One Perfect Sunrise."  Such an energizing track, I love it.

A close second is Dusted's "Childhood."  This whole album is great.

Another (2 disc) album that I love, Sasha and Digweed's, "Satellite Serenade." It's an album that transports you.

Sandra Collins' "C'Est Musique" I originally found on her Tranceport.  I don't do a lot of drum and bass, but it mixes well with a playlist.

I found LTJ Bukem during a summer in Bloomington (ah, what a magical place that town is during the summer months). This double album reminds me of hot summer college spending my time between computer labs and bars.

DJ Shadow as another college find.  Solid, classic work.

Massive Attack was a late comer to my library.  I found them during the winter and as a result this whole album really connects with me when there's snow on the ground.

From what I've read, Juno Reactor are apparently considered hacks in electronic music community, but I still like "Conga Fury" when I first heard it on the Animatrix soundtrack.

The lone Groove Armada album I have seems to be all over the map, musically.  It's a decent album with gems like this one, "Dusk, You, and Me."

Last but not least, Peace Orchestra's "Who Am I" is a haunting track that I really like.

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