Monday, December 1, 2014

Think Kit Day 1 - Being a Hype Man for Indianapolis Through My Year in Pictures

I'm using my year in photos post to hype up a few things I like about my city. As an added benefit for friends and family (28% of which would be interested in seeing pictures of my family), you get some pictures of my awesome family.  Besides, the only way to make family photos interesting to strangers is to frame them up against some of my favorite aspects of our great city.

Downtown Carriage Ride

For Margot's birthday, we took a horse drawn carriage ride around the downtown area.  The ride was a first for us.  For as much time as I've spent near the circle, that was a nice angle to experience the area.

Victory Field

What a great minor league park we've got.  The outfield experience is ideal for our group of friends and family.

Pappa Roux

This is a two for one photo.  I get to promote this east side restaurant as well as give you a glimpse into my awesome dad time.

Downtown Comics

Great selection and great staff.  Note my use of My Little Pony comics as a gateway drug.

Holliday Park

We own a bunch of city parks on the north side.  And Holliday park could have topped the list this year.  We love it for its nature center, playground, its "ruins", and the river front.

My Street

We've lived in the south east corner of Meridian-Kessler for over ten years now.

St. Joan of Arc's French Market

Year after year, this is our favorite festival on the summer circuit.

100 Acre Wood (and all the outdoor IMA grounds)

What a great way to spend a random weekend afternoon.

This post is part of ThinkKit by Smallbox. Today’s prompt: “Share your year in photos. Was there a moment of unrestrained happiness? An unexpected encounter?”

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