Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Think Kit Day 2 - From Paper to the Cloud

I'm going to avoid diving deep on a couple of social or local issues.  It's day two, after all. Everyone is expecting it and I won't be able to resist the urge to through the end of the month.  That being said, I've another mind shift that occurred this past year. It's a small change that contributes to larger scale success. I've gone paperless at work.  I've seriously printed two documents in an entire year while at a job with perhaps twice as much information flowing my way.  Prior to that, I would drown in a sea of paper and lost so much informational value in the unbelievable amount of reports, notes, plans, etc. that would accumulate on my desk.  Granted I moved from a large financial services organization to a small, tech savvy consulting firm but it was still project oriented technology work - and a lot of it thus leading me to believe that the system is a primary contributor.  

I've perfected my cocktail. It's all about Evernote, Box, and Trello (apps I've blogged about before). This trifecta of applications has replaced mounds and mounds of paper that I would have printed in a previous life.  These are popular, cloud based document and information organizing tools that only become easier to leverage as they evolve.

Through the tagging, the sharing, and the synching in the cloud I've found peace of mind and a less stressful and more effective work scenario.  These tools aren't new and neither are the concepts. What's new is my dedication to them this past year and as a result, a significantly smaller amount of paper consumed.

This is actually an important development, whether you work in a fast paced environment that's where the information flow never stops or you have a need to manage multiple detailed initiatives.  Abandoning paper for the cloud is a very operational shift.  It's a seemingly benign change that really impacts my larger game. I'm consciously looking to cultivate a "get things done" reality and abandoning paper has helped pave the way.

This post is part of ThinkKit by Smallbox. Today’s prompt:What did you change your mind about this year? Was it a big deal – the way you feel about an issue? Or something small ?”


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