Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Think Kit Day 3 - It only took me 6 months at my new job to spill beer on the ceiling (VIDEO)

You want a laugh?  I give you, "Employee Beer Explosion (no sound)."  It's a masterful short piece that captures surprise and humility, all in the time span of a few minutes. I'm six months into my new job and I've got a project team member who is giving up a Friday night to do some after hours work that popped up at the last minute.  So, I thought I would give him a six pack of some local IPA flair as a thank you.  Well, take a look at the security camera footage my kind hearted co-workers obtained, edited, and shared throughout the building while I was home showering and changing.

No glass was broken, merely my pride!  It was a pretty good laugh all in all, even at the time it all occurred.  Ah, the memories.

This post is part of ThinkKit by Smallbox. Today’s prompt: “share a side-splitting story from the last year. What made you laugh out loud until tears formed? What made you giggle every time it was referenced? Whether it's a story, an image, a video – we want to hear about the banana peel on the floor, your best practical joke, or gems from the mind of a three-year-old. Whether it's sassysarcastic, or just plain sillymake us laugh!

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