Thursday, January 5, 2012

Confirmed! Pictures of our predator in the sky

I'd been home from work for only a few minutes today when I looked out into the back yard.  The chickens were minding there business pecking around in the backyard (and not laying eggs) when I confirmed our suspicions earlier this summer.  Confirmed with one correction.  I'd previously stated that our visitor was an American Red-Tailed Hawk.  These pictures suggest that what we have here is a Cooper's Hawk.  Our visitor was a mere twenty feet from our coop subtlety taunting our hens.  I've read a couple of online accounts of the Cooper's Hawk snatching chickens from the sky in broad daylight while owners were watching.  So, fingers crossed that I'll get to experience that craziness.


  1. Although I do feel sorry for your chickens...I'm so envious of your visitor! Hawks are pretty amazing creatures and I get so excited anytime I spot one in the city. Send it over to my yard to visit me and eat one of these fat city squirrels that live in my studio roof and drive me crazy with their chattering!!

  2. This was in our backyard just last week. Perched on a post just outside my kitchen window, I didn't know what it was. As soon as I moved to take a picture, it took to flight and headed your way. Amazing bird.